Septembre 2019

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Rapport "Urban and Territorial Development Projects in the Mediterranean"

du Centre d'intégration pour la Méditerranée.


This Compendium of Experiences on Urban and Territorial Development Projects in the Mediterranean Region was prepared by the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) in cooperation with the Urban Hub members.


As part of the CMI Urban Hub activities, the preparation of this compendium benefited from prior analytical work and knowledge sharing activities :

• A stocktaking paper, “Fostering Territorial Cohesion in Development Policies in the Mediterranean”, completed in December 2016, takes stock of the main activities initiated by CMI Urban Hub members to reduce social and spatial disparities within territories in the MENA region and discusses key analytical issues.

• The inaugural workshop, “Addressing Territorial Cohesion Challenges and Promoting the Role of Cities in MENA” was held on May 4-5, 2017 in Marseille, France. This workshop was an opportunity for the CMI Urban Hub members and partners to (i) share knowledge on inspiring practices—policies, programs, and projects—implemented within and outside the region, (ii) draw lessons from the various experiences, and (iii) discuss their potential adaptation and scaling-up within different contexts.


The elaboration of this compendium is embedded into the fourth phase of the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI 4.0) strategy for 2018-2021, which is centered on knowledge creation, sharing, and capacity-building to support policy reforms and project implementation. This compendium represents a key business line for the CMI 4.0, which is to develop knowledge-sharing products that focus on “drawing lessons on what worked, why, and how.”


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