TRIGEau (Cross-border, Resilience, Innovation and Governance for hydro geologic risk prevention)

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This French-Italian cooperation project, funded as part of of the Marittimo programme, is about managing flood risk in the following Italian and French territories: Sardinia, Tuscany, Liguria et the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur Region.

Project duration: 2017 - 2019

Co-funding programme: Marittimo

This project aims at strengthening relevant territories’ resilience by encouraging the use of prevention tools familiar with the concept of water-cycle restoration, favouring infiltration. The programme includes an integrated analysis of the cross-border environment and the writing of governance protocol regarding risk management. The pilot project about rainwater management and drainage in Italian lands are to be implemented, and a risk simulation software is to be created. The cross-border approach shall allow to setup a relevant and duplicable governance system.   

The project’s specific goals are:
1) Improving the operators’ ability to manage flood risk in a participatory and sustainable way;
2) Setting up a public-private strategy regarding the land use planning of urban areas at risk.

Project management : Consorzio di Bonifica Toscana Costa (Italy)
Partners : Comune di Campo nell’Elba (Italy), Ente Parco di Portofino (Italy), Ea éco-entreprises (France), Scuola Superiore di studi universitari e di perfezionamento Sant’Anna (Italy), Comune di Solarussa (Italy), Comune di Camogli (Italy), Università degli studi di Sassari (Italy), Università degli studi di Genova (Italy), AVITEM (France)