REPUBLIC-MED: Modernisation of public areas in intelligent Mediterranean cities.

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The Republic-MED project aims at developing and promoting a new methodology meant to improve technical and economic studies conducted in the field of thermic renovation of buildings and public areas. The project tends to favour their performance and enhance the users’ thermic comfort. Relevant tools to be developed shall facilitate decision-making regarding thermic renovation, within the framework of European directive 2012/27/UE.

Project duration: 2013 – 2015

Co-funding project: Interreg MED


Inefficient methods are identified and a joint methodology is elaborated, so that principles for efficiency improvement may be offered in the renovation field. This approach includes 5 pilot studies conducted in different types of public places (schools, squares, etc.) in each partner country of the project.

Here are the main results of the project:

  • Improvement of the assessment of vulnerability to climate change and conception of strategies and mitigation plans (such as heat islands);
  • Contribution to local and regional authorities’ urban land use planning activities;
  • Simulation models allowing to test different scenarios regarding thermic renovation, taking micro-climatic data or users’ behaviour into account;  
  • Pilot projects in compliance with European directives;
  • Contribution to improvement of public areas through the introduction of new key performance indicators and new criteria regarding conception.     


Partners: Resources Sparing and Renewable Energy Centre - CRES (Greece), City of Piraeus (Greece), AVITEM (France), Nice Métropole Côte-d’Azur (France), Valencia Building Institute, Valencia University (Spain), Ribera Energy Agency (Spain), Democenter Sipe (Italy), Emilia Romagna Region (Italy), Hrvoje Pozar Energy Institute (Croatia), Zadar Development Agency (Croatia)