PROMETEA (Promoting agro touristic sector’s multi-functionality)

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This French-Italian cooperation project, funded as part of the Marittimo programme, aims at tackling 3 great challenges:

  • Supporting small businesses or SME innovation in the agro touristic field, as well as auto-entrepreneurship (especially for young people and women);
  • Help building a network of companies so they can offer integrated eco touristic services and tourist itineraries matching a growing demand regarding environment protection;
  • Defining a common approach to a cross-border quality label.  

Project duration: 2017 - 2019

Co-funding programme: Marittimo

The project’s specific goals are:
1) Strengthening innovative entrepreneurs’ skills in the agro touristic field;
2) Ensuring a touristic geographic continuity, by improving integration between the coastal system and the hinterland;
3) Foster good practices exchange between operators, based on a sustainable and innovative touristic model, as well as a definition of a cross-border quality label.  

Project management : Tuscany Region (Italy)
Partners: Consorzio universitario in ingegneria per la qualità e l’innovazione (Italy), Chamber of Commerce and Industry Territoriale d’Ajaccio et de la Corse-du-Sud (France), Università di Sassari (Italy), AVITEM (France), Agenzia Laore Sardegna (Italy)