OTREMED (Tool for Territorial Strategy in the MED area)

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OTREMED aims at providing public organisations with a land use planning tool, in order to facilitate decision-making regarding territorial governance.   

Project duration: 2010 – 2013

Co-funding project: Interreg MED


This initiative means to improve the Mediterranean area’s competitiveness. Several elements are taken into account: ground use - especially in coastal regions where the pressure is higher due to population density, landscape valorisation, adjustment to climate change impacts, migration flows coming from the Southern Mediterranean area, as well as the importance and impact of tourism.

The OTREMED project answers the relevant public administrations’ needs regarding land use planning. It set up a decision-making assistant tool that facilitates land use management while considering the structure of the territories and their evolution, as well as the continuity and quality of the Mediterranean area.  

Here are the main results of the project:

  • A protocol regarding cartographic homogenisation, meant to make cartographic data transfer easier in the Mediterranean area;
  • Setup of a territorial analysis tool;
  • Experimentation of this tool on 3 pilot territories, in order to check its applicability and implementation in geographic information systems by land use planning operators.

To know more on this project:


You can find the project plaform on the following link: Link to the platform

Partner countries: Spain (Regions of Murcia, Andalusia and Valencia), Portugal (Algarve Region), France (AVITEM), Italy (Regions of Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Latium, Abruzzi, Sicily and Sardinia LAORE Agency), Slovenia (ZRC-SAZU), Greece (University of Patras)