Med-IAMER (Integrated actions to ease environment-related risk in the Mediterranean Sea)

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Med-IAMER emits recommendations regarding integrated cross-border actions to undertake in order to ease environment-related risk in the Mediterranean Sea. It mutualises knowledge about maritime and coastal environmental pressure, and points their flaws out.

Project duration: 2014 – 2015

Co-funding project: Interreg MED


Med-IAMER offers data-integration, an analytic approach and a cartography of the existing cross-borders mechanisms in order to ease the risk. It focuses on cooperation, identifies existing conflicts with social economic activities, and involves regional operators.

Med-IAMER offers an integrated assessment of the ecological situation in order to ease the environment-related risk – a risk that shall be tackled on a cross-border scale in the Mediterranean Sea. It takes into account the level of environmental pressure and the level of preservation in Western Mediterranean and Adriatic-Ionic ecoregions, in order to identify « critical spots ».


Here are the main results of the project:

  • Increase of knowledge about environmental pressure in the Mediterranean area and location of impact on the marine environment;
  • Quantification of the cumulated impact of main operators on marine environment, including fishing, aquaculture, transportation, oil/gas, coastal urbanisation, tourism and climate change;
  • Recommendations regarding the development of a coordinated and integrated assessment of Research about marine environment in the Mediterranean area, in order to check if the goals set by the regional policies are reached.
  • Favouring the development of Protected Maritime Areas (AMP) in the Mediterranean region.

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Documents to download:

Brochure Med-IAMER


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Partners: PLAN BLEU (France), AVITEM (France), Malaga University (Spain), University of Thessaly (Greece)