HERIT DATA: Big and open data for a sustainable heritage management towards mass tourism impact.

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HERIT-DATA, co-financed by Interreg Med programme, aims to identify innovative solutions, with the support of new technologies and big data, to reduce the negative impacts of tourism on cultural and natural heritage sites. The project will be implemented in five pilot sites in Croatia, France, Greece, Italy and Spain:  historic city centres, areas invested by cruise tourism, sites classified by UNESCO...

Specific data will be collected in the pilot sites and analyzed through a dedicated platform. Those data will be used by policy makers to design new policies and to better organize tourist flows.


Main objectives :

  • Developing a platform for processing and exploiting the data collected in the pilot sites;
  • Developing and testing an app that helps tourists and visitors to make more informed and dynamic choices in real-time.
  • Providing useful data to policy makers to elaborate new tourism public policies;


Partnership :

Project Leader :

Tuscany Region (Italy)


Partners :

  • City of Dubrovnik development agency (Croatia)
  • Valencia Agency of Tourism (Spain)
  • AVITEM (France)
  • Center for Spacial Research  (Bosnia)
  • Conference of peripheral maritime regions of Europe (France)
  • Santa Maria foundation of historical heritage (Spain)
  • Valenciaport Foundation (Spain)  
  • Foundation for Research and Innovation (Italy)
  • Region of Western Greece (Greece)
  • Occitanie Région (France)
  • Faculty of Science and Technology (Portugal)


Project Duration : April 2018 - April 2022


Budget : 4.195.515 €


Contact : Carla Rasera, Project manager - c.rasera@avitem.org

Twitter : @heritdata