HAPPEN : Holistic APproach and Platform for the deep renovation and the med residential built Environment

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HAPPEN aims to develop the market for the renovation of residential buildings in the Mediterranean area to achieve greater energy efficiency. The social, financial, environmental, legal and technical characteristics of the Mediterranean area are the core of the retrofitting holistic approach: MedZEB – Mediterranean Zero Energy Building which is easily adaptable to all the Mediterranean territories.


The results of the project are tested and validated on nine pilot sites in 7 countries: Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Slovenia. Each site will host a "Living Lab" that gathers locals, communities, owners, businesses, civil society organizations, etc. Within the framework of the MedZEB label, on these pilot sites, trainings for the transfer of knowledge and retrofitting* strategies will be put in place.


HAPPEN is looking for the following results:

  • Development of a virtual platform for the meeting of supply and demand in the MED zone;
  • Accountability and integration of key players in the renovation value chain;
  • Development and testing of new financial solutions;
  • Suggestion of new regulatory approaches for the Mediterranean region.

HAPPEN project is funded by the European Union's HORIZON2020 programme for the promotion of innovation and research in the framework of calls for projects for the reduction of energy consumption and the carbon footprint through the absorption of the innovation market on intelligent Energy in Europe.


Implementation: April 2018 - April 2021


Budget: €2,108,827.50


Coordinator: Research National Council (Italy)



CertiMaC, Harley & Dikkinson (Italy), IVE-Valencian Institute of Building, EIGE-Bank of Infrastructure of the Generalitat , University of Seville (Spain), AVITEM, EPA Euroméditerranée (France), Agency Aegean Energy, National University and Kapodistrian of Athens (Greece), IRENA-Istrian regional Energy Agency (Croatia), ZRMK (Slovenia), Cyprus Energy Agency (Cyprus)



Link to the project website: LinkedIn: Www.linkedin.com/in/happen-project

        Twitter: @HAPPEN_PROJECT


Contact at the AVITEM: Carla Rasera, Project manager