Gouv’AIRnance: Air quality governance in Mediterranean cities.

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The Gouv’AIRnance project aims at setting up an integrated territorial system of air quality governance. It aims at reducing air pollutants in order to protect people from their health impact, especially the more vulnerable (children, the elderly or persons suffering from severe respiratory failure, etc.).

Project duration: 2012 – 2015

Co-funding project: IEVP CT MED


Gouv’AIRnance has a partition-free, multi-level and participatory approach to air quality management. It means to reduce the impact of air pollution on people’s health in the partner cities. To that matter, it encourages the integration of measures regarding the reduction of air pollutants in land use planning documents, as a sustainable urban development tool.


Here are the main results of the project:

  • A consultation and integrated management forum regarding air quality in each targeted area;
  • Specific tools to monitor and model air quality in accordance with international standards;
  • A shared assessment regarding air quality and its components in each targeted area;
  • Information tools to be used by the people (especially the more sensitive to air pollution), through the setup of information platforms (www.calidadaire.es; www.air-marseille.eu) ;  
  • Pilot projects in each targeted area regarding the integration of long-term air quality management in land use planning documents (metropoles, coast and ports included) and in specific sectors (transportation, energy).       

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Partners: AVITEM, City of Marseille, Air PACA, Valencia Building Institute, Valencia University (Spain), Al Fayhaa Urban Community (Lebanon), Aqaba’s Special Zone Authority (AZESA, Jordan).