DIAMS : DIAMS: Digital alliance for Marseille sustainability

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The DIAMS project, co-financed by the UIA (Urban Initiative action) programme, aims to improve air quality in the Aix-Marseille metropolitan area. A platform will be set up in consultation with citizens, public authorities and the private sector. A charter will document stakeholder engagement and coordinated action at the local, metropolitan, regional and national levels for the collection and analysis of air quality data.

Implementation dates : 01/11/2018 – 30/10/2020


Total budget : 4 718 977.00 €


Project’s specific objectives :
  • Perception: Improve the information collected on air quality and produce detailed and adapted high quality data by integrating the power of IoT (Internet of Connected Things), civil society, private initiatives and an expert network for air quality monitoring.
  • Balance: Improve the flow of air quality data exchange between local, metropolitan, regional and national networks to build a local data structure and facilitate its integration into planning activities.
  • Creation: Rely on the creativity and expertise of citizens and the private sector to co-develop and implement innovative solutions for air quality.
  • Movement: provide personalized and adapted information to all citizens to promote their awareness and engagement.


Partnership :

Lead partner : Aix-Marseille Métropole.

ATMOSUD, ARIA Technologies, A Lab in the AIR, Mobigreen-La Poste, Matrice, L’Air et Moi, Groupe Tera, AVITEM.


Contact at AVITEM : e.riccio@avitem.org

Project’s website : https://www.air-diams.org/