COM&CAP MarInA-Med (COMmunication & CAPitalisation for an Integrated Maritime Approach in the Mediterranean area)

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The COM&CAP MarInA-Med project is based on an operational partnership with top level expertise in the maritime field and directly related to a network of Mediterranean decision-makers. The project’s goal is to coordinate communication and capitalisation around the selected projects as part of the call for proposals of the MED Programme for « an integrated maritime approach ».

Project duration: 2014 – 2015

Co-funding project: Interreg MED


MarInA-Med is responsible for collecting, processing and broadcasting the selected projects’ main results. It also encourages the exchange of information between projects and the organisation of events aiming at displaying and broadcasting results.


Here are the main results of the project:

  • Seminars dedicated to capitalisation and conferences organised throughout the project;
  • A web platform, videos and newsletters summing up the goals and achievements of projects;
  • A database featuring various operators, with a view to create a maritime Mediterranean network.

To know more on this project:

Document to download:

Policy paper


Partners: IMC-CPMR (France), AVITEM (France), Region of Cataluña (Spain), ARCO LATINO (Spain), Adriatic et Ionic Euro region