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Understanding the specific features of urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean and putting governance at the heart of major territorial projects, based on an annual cycle of multi-venue, intensive seminars comprising talks, discussions and case studies. Such is the objective of this cycle of high-level seminars on urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean.

The seminars

Seminar content is focused on governance issues - for modes of decision-making and action based on a partnership-oriented and multi-level approach, taking into account the various sectoral concerns - notably including the presentation of policies that have been adopted and case studies of major projects: institutional framework for extensive development operations, the implementation of legal structures, the organisation of wide-ranging horizontal processes, technical support for operational management and research into innovative financing

• Tools for dialogue and consultation - for a partnership-oriented approach that integrates the different organization/institutional levels (local, regional, national), involving civil society and private sector and giving a voice to the disadvantaged population groups: contractual arrangements at different levels of public action, process of cooperation with private sector, consultation with civil society and stakeholders in the general public

• Integration of the sectoral policies - for an integrated approach to urban and territorial development, taking into account policy in the various sectors (employment, education, environment, culture, housing...): complex urban and territorial projects

• Public policies at territory scale - for the development of public policies at the territorial level, as relevant as possible to the population groups concerned and for coherent development planning : strategic planning, coordination of actors

Les cycles de séminaires sont organisés en partenariat avec la Caisse des Dépôts