Partners for specific projects

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In PACA region and in France:

City of Marseille,

Nice Côte d’Azur metropole,

Urban community of Toulon Provence Méditerranée,

Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur Regional Council

AIR PACA association,

Plan Bleu association,

Pôle Mer association,

Scientific and Technical Centre for Buildings (CSTB),

Renewable Energy, Environment and Solidarities Group (GERES)

New Generation Internet Foundation (FING),

Nice Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

MEDPAN association,

ANIMA network,

Conservatoire du Littoral,

Marseille Chamber of Commerce and Industry,

Aix Marseille Provence metropole,

Aid to Innovative Music association (AMI),

Ea Eco Entreprises network,

Marseille Great Sea Port,

PACA Regional Health Agency

Languedoc-Roussillon Region (France)

CSTB (France)

CRPM (France)

Corsica regional authority



City of Malaga

Valencia Construction Institute (Spain)

Polibienestar Institute at Valencia University

Energy Agency de la Ribera

Cataluña Government

Barcelona Urban Ecological Agency

Arc Latin

Malaga University

Andalusian Institute of Technologies

Barcelona University

Andalusia Region

Valencia Region

Aragon’s agro-environmental management Society

Andalusia’s agrarian and fishing management Agency


National Agency of new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development

Institute for the promotion of technological innovation

Laore Sardegna

City of Genova

City of Frattamagiorre

Emilia-Romagna Region


City of Pise

Province of Lucca

Molise Region


Province of Bologna

Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

City of Prat

Consorzio Arca

Murcia Region

Piedmont Region

Lazio Region

Abruzzi Region

Sardinian LAORE Agency

Sicily Region

Sardinia Region

Veneto Region


Resources and Renewable Energy Sparing Center

Accommodation workers Organisation

Trace and East Macedonia Region

Thessaloniki University

City of Thessaloniki

Decentralised Administration of Crete

Crete University

Thessaly University

Hellas Research and Technology Centre

Central Macedonia Region

Development Agency of the Rethymnon’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Hellenic Union of Chambers of Commerce

Mediterranean Agronomical Institute of Chania


Evora University

Algrave Region


Energy Intelligent management Agency

Association of the Malta local council


Cyprian Energy Agency

Larnaca Development Agency


Zadar Development Agency

Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

Croatian Clearner Production Centre

Brodarski Institute


Jozef Stefan Institute

Ptuj Scientific Research Centre

Institute for global solutions development E-zavod

Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian arts and science Academy

Geodetic Institute of Slovenia

Spodnje Podravje local Energy Agency


Aqaba’s Special Zone Authority

Jordan University


Al Fayhaa Urban Community


Al Manar University