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Understand the specificities of urban and territorial planning in the Mediterranean and put governance at the heart of major territorial projects, through an annual cycle of intensive multi-site seminars with conferences; Debates and case studies. This is the objective of this High Level Seminar on Urban and Territorial Development in the Mediterranean

The seminars

The content of the seminars focuses on governance issues - for decision-making and action methods based on a multi-level approach, integrating different sectoral concerns - notably through the presentation of the policies implemented And the review of major development operations: institutional framework for major development operations, legal structure for implementation, organization of major cross-cutting processes, technical support for development operations, search for innovative financing methods

  • Consultation tools - for a partnership approach, integrating the different organizational / institutional levels (local, regional, national), involving civil society and the private sector and allowing the expression of the most disadvantaged populations: contractual arrangements at different levels Of public action, cooperation with the private sector, consultation with civil society and the populations concerned
  • Integration of sectoral policies - for an integrated approach to urban and territorial development taking into account the different sectoral concerns (employment, education, environment, culture, housing, etc.): complex urban and territorial planning operations
  • Territorialisation of public policies - for the development of public policies at territorial level, as close as possible to the populations concerned and for a coherent development of the territory: strategic planning, coordination of the actors