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The Cooperation Pole: network and expertise meant for urban and territorial cooperation.


The Cooperation Pole’s missions are:

  • Developing operational governance tools for critical urban and territorial projects;
  • Providing expertise and thorough experience in setup, management and animation of territorial cooperation projects in the territorial public policies field;
  • Helping bring together local authorities in the Mediterranean area, and organise multi-level and multi actors dialogue;
  • Increasing synergies between local authorities regarding public policies;
  • Facilitating meetings and experience crossed feedback related to sustainable Mediterranean cities and territories;
  • To strengthen institutional powers and walk local authorities through implementing territorial pilot project.


In order to meet these goals, the Cooperation Pole developed the following activities:

  • Constant watch regarding funding opportunities from the European Union in the Mediterranean region;
  • Engineering assistance related to European projects setup and management (12 European projects funded since 2013 and 5 new ones underway);
  • Studies and assessments relying on a multidisciplinary expertise (economics, political sciences, urbanism, land use planning) and a territorial approach of development;
  • Overseeing territorial pilot projects used as demonstration tools, driven by the will to fall in line with a system of transferability to other territories;
  • Transnational animation: AVITEM as a tool for international broadcasting and influence.  
  • Administrative and financial management skills applied to projects;
  • Public policies analysis, with an integrated view, to highlight the possible leverage effects (recommendations, good practices);
  • Assistance in the matters of governance and decision-making process;
  • Supporting implementation of regional policies;
  • Communication, broadcasting and dialogue with civil society, with a view to popularisation;
  • Actions for capitalisation, formation and strengthening of institutional powers.


In order to see these projects through, the Cooperation Pole is working closely with about a hundred partners located on both sides of the Mediterranean, thus maintaining a wide network made of public and private bodies.