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The city inside its territory

The compact and dense city yielded to region-cities, puzzles of territories with multiple purposes, where several networks of operators work simultaneously. Which are the intuitional, planning and management tools to be used for co-building, land use planning and governance of territories, as well as sustainable development of the metropolitan Mediterranean regions?

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2016 session Opening meeting

How, with which deadlines and operators do Mediterranean metropoles set their strategic planning up? (flashback to the 2015 round). How do Mediterranean cities cope amongst a network of cities and territories? (introduction to the 2016 topic)

Seminar 1
Fes – 14th-18th March 2016

In 2015, Morocco’s regions were cut down from 16 to 12, and Fes kept on acting as the regional capital at the expense of Meknes. What are the two projects regarding these cities, how do they fit into the new region project? What will become of the Regional land use planning Programme of Fes-Boulemane, which was the first national programme setup by the regional Council as project manager? How to restructure and strengthen the existing bonds between urban metropole (bi-pole Fes-Meknes) with the rest of the region, which is rural, the Mediterranean coast and the rest of the country?

Seminar 2
Marseille – 23th-27th May 2016

Nowadays, social and territorial constructions occur on a wider scale, the scale of metropolisation. Aix-Marseille Provence is the more spread out metropole in France. This territory stands out through an important polycentrism. In a 2012 report, OCDE experts emphasised on the metropole’s dynamics in terms of innovation, creation of new businesses, international attractiveness. However, the metropole’s unemployment rate remains very high and its strategic position is threatened. Social and territorial inequalities are the main obstacles to the metropole’s development. Within this framework, the State launched an original plan of prefiguration of the metropolitan project, based on the State/local authorities/civil society operators trio. How was this plan elaborated and implemented? And eventually, how did the metropolitan scale impact the land use planning and development policies? 

Seminar 3
Barcelona – 24th-28th October 2016

As part of the 2016 round of top level seminars about urban and territorial development in the Mediterranean area, the AViTeM organises a third yearly meeting that takes place in Barcelona, from the 24th to the 28th October 2016. This seminar falls in line with the two previous ones that took place in Fes (March 2016) and Marseille (May 2016). The speeches and work sessions scheduled for this seminar will take the talks about “The city inside its territory” a step further with the help of local operators, especially through the introduction of the major issues and projects of the Barcelonan metropolitan area. This seminar aims at providing the 2016 Round attendees with a better understanding of the metropolisation process in Barcelona and allowing them to exchange on the field their opinions about the local governance model and projects that were implemented in this territory.