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Strategic planning in the metropolis of the Mediterranean

How do Mediterranean cities think their strategic planning? At what scale? With which actors? How are these issues of sustainable development included in this strategic planning? How does territorial strategic planning participate to the goal of a better living together? How does it contribute to "implement a balanced and sustainable planning and development of cities and regions, demographic issues as well as the requirements of social solidarity and economic performance, respectful of heritage and concerned about the preservation of environment and cultural diversity ", requirement reaffirmed by Ministers of the Union for the Mediterranean in charge of urban development in November 2011.


Opening conference of the 2015 session
Marseille - January 27, 2015

What territorial strategic planning process in the Mediterranean?
Process, methodology, consultation ... Development of coastal areas, impact of major projects, urban project ... Examples in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region; examples from the 2014 session (Marseille-Toulon, Rabat-Tangier, Algiers); examples introducing the 2015 session

1st Seminar
Tunis - 9-13 March 2015*

The metropolis of Tunis continues to expand, in particular with popular districts being integrated or the building of new housings. How do these new poles of urbanisation link to the metropolis? How does the metropolis plan this extension and what links mobility and urban extension around the lake of Tunis.

2nd Seminar
Casablanca - 25-29 May 2015*

Launched in September 2014, the development plan of Casablanca region (2015-2020 ) has four axes: improvement of living conditions, mobility, economic attractiveness, place of the region. Casablanca also set up a plan of preservation and valorisation of heritage and began the inscription process to be registered on the World Heritage List.

3rd Seminar
Nice - 5-9 October 2015*

Born on 1st January 2012 from the merger of four intercommunalities, Nice-Côte d’Azur is the first metropolis created in France. An area from the Mediterranean sea to Alpine summits, concerned about its environment, strongly tourist-attractive, a territorial planning oriented toward economic development, including in paricular the Operation of National Interest Eco Valley Plaine du Var.

*  indicative dates