Action fields

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In order to finance its projects, the Cooperation Pole relies on Mediterranean programs of territorial cooperation, as well as on certain donors such as the Union for the Mediterranean, the Center for Mediterranean Integration and the European Commission Direct financing.

The Pôle Coopération relies mainly on two Mediterranean programs of territorial cooperation: the ENPI CBC MED program and the MED Program.

Other financing programs are also approached, depending on the projects developed (INTERREG EUROPE, Horizon 2020, MARITTIMO, LIFE 2014-2020 ...).

Some donors also support projects carried out by the Pôle Coopération, such as the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM), the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI) and the European Commission through direct funding.

The Avitem adopts different positions within the projects in which it participates, depending on the configuration of the partnership and the project's theme, leader or simple partner.

The added value of Avitem's action:

  • A territorial approach to development
  • An analysis of public policies in an integrated approach
  • Assistance to governance and decision-making processes
  • The conduct of exemplary projects, in a logic of "demonstration"
  • The desire to be part of a process of transferability to other territories
  • Dialogues with civil society, in a logic of dissemination
  • A training and institutional capacity-building approach
  • A tool for international influence and influence
  • An annual synthesis in the context of the Rencontres de l'Avitem